What an amazing trip we had again to Country Camping and Cabins!!! Fishing was excellent and the weather was beautiful. The grounds and cabins look really well maintained and your new staff was very helpful and polite. Smallmouths, walleyes, northern and muskies all within a 5 mile radius, what a dream! Our group of 8 caught over 10 muskies and saw many more. The walleyes were feeding well with a 27 1/2 inch being the biggest, 2 26 inch fish and lots under in and over the slot. Smallmouth fishing was great too with some nice 19 inch smallmouth caught. Northerns we so abundant that by the end of the week we were trying to pull our lures away from the smaller ones! I am attaching some photos for you of our catches. Can't wait to see you again in the near future!!! Thanks again!!! Adam L Hartmann PS.....Is fishing ever bad there???

Hi, Judy, I was going to write, but you beat me to it. Our group again had a wonderful time. This year we had a man with us who had just had heart surgery three weeks ago. He tired rather quickly, but did get two fun days fishing in on our four day trip. He rested around the cabin on the other days.

Your new managers are a very nice addition. They met us with a friendly greeting upon our arrival and they sure were actively working around the resort. The cabin, showers and restrooms were clean as were the camping areas. Very nice! We fished Webster, Lac Seul, and Vaughn Lake(51 mile boat ride--we are crazy to go that far, but it is fun). Each day of the our trip our two boats caught over 100 walleyes each. We kept enough 15 inchers for supper two nights and then took a limit of 15-17 inchers home. We put all of the big ones back into the lake to spawn again and again.

Once we get settled here we will contact you regarding next year. We will be looking for coordinating dates as we do every year. We like being able to go to Vaughn Lake one day when it opens on June 15---that is our 51 mile boat ride. Thanks again for helping to make our trip so pleasant. Tom LaZella

"just wanted to let you know we had a great time staying at your campground (Larry Leal party) this past week and the fishing was great. Steve (Bubba) was very nice and I don't think I have ever seen a cleaner campground. We will be back for sure. See you next year." Submitted by John Kerga

"Our fishing experience has always been wonderful and you have a lot of chance to see moose, bear, eagles and many more wild life. The air is so fresh and the stars are brighter then ever."

"Jerry started to teach his sons how to fish when they were very little and then he started to take them to Canada on fishing trips. Now the boys bring there wifes and this has become our family vacation. We weren't sure how the wifes would take to fishing all day, but when they started catching fish they were "hooked" and all of us again have made reservations for next summer."

"We chose Counrty Camping Cabins because it is at the center of all the lakes we like to fish creating a varity in fishing and reservations are flexiable to the length of stay one desires. The camp managers have all been friendly and helpful."

"Our first night at the cabin we always start with Muskie fishing on Big Vermillion. This year Jerry caught 2 Muskies at 2 different spots thefirst night. One 43" and the other 41". The next day we go over to Lac Seul to fish for Walleyes for our first night fish fry. We all caught a lot of Walleyes, but Jerry and the kids nicknamed me the Walleye Queen because I seem to catch the bigger ones. In the pictures that is Stella with one 28 and 27" Walleye nice and fat. In the boat picture that is one of Jerry's son's Nathan and his wife Cindy showing a nice size eating Walleye. While we were catching Walleye Jerry caught and nice 17" small mouth bass. Sometimes while you are fishing for one specie you catch another. Jerry is holding a nice 39" Northern."

"We end our vacation just as we start with Muskie fishing and that is where the sunset picture comes in. We are thankful for a wonderful trip, lots of great fishing, good memories and meeting new people in camp."

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