FISHING - Lakes surrounding the Sioux Lookout area

Open from mid May to the end of September, Country Cabins offers a variety of fishing and weather conditions.

May and the beginning of June are considered the spring season with Walleye and Northern fresh out of the spawn - the action is brisk. The Perch know no season and are plentiful throughout the year.

Summer, July and August produces some of our best fishing although it is done in considerably deeper waters. The plus to deep water fishing is that more trophies are caught during the summer period than at any other time.

September or the fall season brings the fishing back into shallow waters and some exciting casting action.

Special attention should be used when fishing deep waters. Lake trout can equalize pressure changes rapidly if brought to the surface from depths of 60 feet or deeper. Often you will notice how a fish burps which indicates how a trout gets rid of excess air which is expanding in the bladder as the fish is brought to the surface. Other fish don't have this pressure equalizing ability. When bringing a northern or walleye up from a depth of 30 feet or more, it will only survive if they are brought to the surface slowly and released immediately. Fishing methods must be adjusted to suit the species you are seeking in comparison to retrieving a walleye from 10 feet of water to a lake trout in 60 feet of water.

Whatever time you choose you will want to bring your camera, for the lakes surrounding you are loaded with wildlife, as well as the renowned sunsets followed by the Canadian northern lights

Where can you travel in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable cost and still experience excellent walleye fishing in a true wilderness setting?


LAC SEUL is by far our largest fresh water fishery in the area with more than 100 miles in length. Good navigation, a good map and good sense all go hand in hand on this big lake.

Lac Seul has its own fishing regulations in order to ensure the fishery remains healthy for generations to come.

When fishing Lac Seul you have the opportunity to fish four different species on any given day. Lac Seul yields - Walleye as the most popular species, then of course there are northern, muskie and smallmouth bass. Lac Seul offers something for everyone, no matter your preference.

Lac Seul is accessed by several launches located throughout the area. The closest launch that Country Cabin guests use, is located just two miles from camp on Lost Bay. If assistance is required in respect to trailering your rental boat we are are more than happy to include this service. The alternate access is located just 20 miles north of town at Deception Landing. Both launch areas are maintained by the town of Sioux Lookout who pride themselves in providing our visitors with facilities that are kept in top notch condition at all times.

View Lac Seul map here


Sport License 4, Conservation license 2
Walleye protected within slot size of 18.1" - 20.9" must be released
One over slot of 20.9" is permitted
Season open 3rd Saturday in May
Sport license 4, Conservation license 2
All Northern within slot size of 27.6" - 35.4" must be released
One over slot of 35.4" is permitted
Open all year
Sport License 2 from Dec. 1 to June 30th must be less than 13.8" until June 30th
Sport License 4 begins July 1st. No size limit
Conservation License 1 from Dec. 1 to June 30th less than 13.8"
Conservation License 2 beginning July 1 with no size limit
Open All Year
Catch and Release Only. No possession Limits
Open 3rd Saturday in June until Dec. 15th.
Sport License: 2
Conservation License: 1
None between 17.7" - 23.6"
Only one greater than 23.6"
Artificial lures only
Jan.1 - Sept. 30
Sport License: 5
Conservation License: 2
No size limits

Additional information:

1. All fish must be kept whole while on the water unless prepared for shorelunch.
2. All fish must be frozen flat with a piece of skin left on to identify the species. Only two fillets per package.
3. The possession limit is the number you are allowed to have in your possession on hand, in cold storage, in
transit,etc. 4. Fish caught that day and eaten are counted as part of your daily catch limit.


Country Cabins sits nestled in Big Vermilion's quiet bay overlooking one of the most producing trout fisheries in the area. Big Vermilion Lake is located just 15 km from Sioux Lookout, Ontario and its' shoreline stretches for 86 miles surrounding this dynamic body of crystal clear water with a maximum depth of 140 feet.

If Big Vermilion Lake doesn't satisfy you, there are also multiple rivers, creeks, and streams near by. Some of these are Sucker Creek, Goodie Creek, Blackfox Creek, Hooch Creek, Muskie Creek, Fire Creek, Moose Creek, Centrefire Creek, Hooch Creek and Suzanne River.

Although Big Vermilion Lake is noted for its trophy lake trout fishery, it's also popular for its beauty. Not to mention the additional bonus of being able to fish northern pike, musky and smallmouth bass. Easy on and easy off access as the launch is situated right next to the camp.

Take the kids to either one of the waterfalls in a matter of minutes. Pack a picnic and boat to either Twin Falls where Little Vermilion Lake feeds into Big Vermilion or venture off in the other direction to Pelican Falls. It's a great way to relax.

Big Vermilion's regulations are slightly different from the rest of the Sioux Lookout area lakes in that artificial lures only are permitted and no live bait is allowed.

View Big Vermilion's map here

MAPB (Minnitaki, Abram, Pelican and Botsford Lakes)

As if Lac Seul and Big Vermilion Lakes weren't enough to offer, the list goes on with the MAPB lakes. It just can't get any better - one camp offering such a variety of species and variety of lakes to enjoy. Of course, one trip won't cut it as proven by the majority of our repeat customers at Country Cabins.

All the lakes listed under the MAPB lakes are also accessible by public launches or waterways. These lakes are loaded with a variety of species for you enjoyment such as walleye, northern, smallmouth bass and lake trout.

With these incredible fishing opportunities we encourage safe handling of all fish and ensure that you limit fish mortality by following the tips on Catch and Release on this site.

Regulations for Minnitaki contain several fish sanctuaries with varying open seasons. Our Camp Manager is more than happy to review these particular regulations over a cup of coffee.

MAPB map here

So much to enjoy, so much fishing to do. We'll see you soon!!!

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